The Only Answer to the Evil of ISIS: Eliminate it By Force

Bill S / RedState

Yesterday I visited a museum that had a WWII exhibit which contained snapshots of newspaper headlines published just prior to the beginning of the war between Nazi Germany and Poland, and they reminded me of some similarities to our current geopolitical situation.  Before Hitler’s steamrolling of Poland and most of Europe via blitzkrieg, various politicians in Europe attempted to negotiate with Hitler, allowed him to annex various regions, and tried to appease rather than confront (see: Neville Chamberlain).  Of course none of this worked.  The European leaders’ mistake was to assume that Adolf Hitler was a reasonable man who would sincerely negotiate…someone who would respond to a desire for peace.  Rather, Adolf Hitler was evil.  Not all of the German people were likewise, evil, but many allowed themselves to be drawn into an evil endeavor and many became complicit in the death of millions of Jews and other innocents.

Today we find ourselves in a similar situation – an evil group of people: ISIS – the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria which, like the evil leaders of Nazi Germany, will not respond to reason, diplomacy or logic, and they are accompanied by a large swath of fundamentalist Islamists who support and sympathize with this group.  Despite the denial of the Left that there is evil and that radical Islam is evil, the evidence speaks for itself.  This group is murdering U.S. citizens, attempting to exterminate the Yazidis and Iraqi Christians, they do not hesitate to conduct “sexual jihad” and abuse and enslave women, and are virtually assured to embark on a deadly terrorism spree that extends well beyond Syria and Iraq and will directly impact the West.

ISIS and its sympathizers are evil.  And this evil must be destroyed.

After today’s beheading of yet another American, Steven Sotloff, and yet another pitifully inept response from the Obama administration, it is time for Americans to demand action from Congress and the Obama administration.  It is time for America to demand the destruction of ISIS.

The only acceptable response to this lowest form of humanity, this embodiment of evil, is to eradicate it – wipe out all vestiges of ISIS and those who support it.  They must be killed.  All of them.  No “Gitmo” prisoners to be released by the next set of politicians without the will to fight to win.  It must be total destruction and annihilation of this evil force in the world.  All of ISIS, all of its sympathizers, must go.  It is long past time for the elimination of the influence of radical Islam.  The emergence of ISIS is the logical conclusion of a weak-willed, pussified foreign policy as practiced by Barack Obama and his administration.  When evil is allowed to expand un-checked, it will grow just as the Third Reich did before WWII.  Non-interventionism does not work against those who do not act according to normal human values.  Evil, twisted leaders such as the heads of terrorist groups understand nothing but raw, brute force.  Ronald Reagan understood this.  George H.W. Bush understood this.  George W. Bush understood this.  But Barack Obama and his leftist cohorts act according to a fantasy-land left-wing worldview that considers all people to be fundamentally good.  But ISIS and fundamentalist Islamists are not.  They are evil and must be treated as such.

Yes, this is going to be difficult.  Yes, the Left, the non-interventionist Paulites (BTW, I find it hard to believe that Rand Paul meant this, given his past behavior) and other nations will scream bloody murder at the prospects of total elimination of this group of radicals.  But it is the only answer to a problem that will simply grow worse as it is allowed to expand unchecked.  And eventually, the ISIS version of Pearl Harbor will occur and they will explicitly declare war upon us by weapons of mass destruction and potentially thousands or millions of innocents will be killed in the name of jihad.  Unfortunately, I question whether the current administration would act with the same urgency, authority and sheer power as did President Roosevelt in 1941.  In fact, as I write this, Obama has announced sending 350 sitting ducks troops to Baghdad to protect our embassy. He has apparently forgotten the 444 day hostage crisis that (thankfully) brought an end to the Jimmy Carter nightmare.

Like the Nazis and Japanese in WWII,  ISIS is the enemy.  Whether President Pantywaist cares to admit it, we are at war with them NOW.  And we must kill the enemy before they kill us.  As former U.S. Ambassador to Iraq, James Jeffrey said:

“You have to kill them,” Jeffrey says. “They never stopped in Iraq even when I was there in 2010 and 2011, they had been totally defeated and they had lost their population, we were on their trails and they still didn’t give up. There is no reasoning with them, there is no containing them, you have to kill them.”

He is correct.  We must kill them, dead.  Now.  If other nations want to join in, that’s fine.  But if not, the United States must act unilaterally to protect its citizens and our country.  ISIS is a clear and present danger that must be completely eradicated.

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