Sundays With the Sentinel: Ken Hucherson: I am Second

Kenneth Lee Hutcherson (July 14, 1952 – December 18, 2013) was an American football linebacker in the National Football League and senior pastor at Antioch Bible Church in Kirkland, Washington, where he had been since 1985. His nickname from his NFL days was “The Hutch”. Hutcherson died on December 18, 2013, after more than a decade-long battle with prostate and bone cancer.[1] Ken Hutcherson was survived by his mother, wife, and four children.

Ken Hutcherson: “I hated everybody, anybody that got in my way. I was driven by hatred…driven. My life was miserable, there was this emptiness, not knowing that God had a plan for this stubborn, prejudiced, hateful, unbelieving…heathen. Do you think that there is anything on this earth that can change that type of prejudice? Well, I am here to tell you…I ran into Jesus Christ.

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