The Ignorant Expert. They’re Everywhere.

The Tenth Amendment Center sent the following:

During a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on SB0250 earlier this week, Tennessee state Senator Brian Kelsey played the role of historian and constitutional expert. He lectured bill sponsor Sen. Mae Beavers, fellow committee members and the large crowd gathered in the chamber on the history of nullification and the structure of the Constitution itself.

Judging by his delivery, with his occasional condescending chuckles while “educating” people during the hearing, you’d think that Kelsey had spent years studying these important subjects and was some kind of expert. But based on the substance of his arguments and the endless litany of historical errors in his statements, it’s seems he might as well have learned about the Constitution in Chicago…from a certain lecturer named Obama.

I actually have to give the guy some credit for his ability to stuff so many misstatements and historical untruths into such a short amount of time.

Click here for a point-by-point refute of Kelsey’s lies and distortions!

Do-Or-Die for Bills to Nullify Federal Gun Laws in TennesseeLast week, Senate Bill 250 (SB0250), the 2nd Amendment Preservation Act, was heard in the Senate Judicary committee, where Brian Kelsey presented a number of false historical statements and convinced other committee members to delay a vote on the bill.

A new hearing has been scheduled – and a hearing for the House companion bill has been scheduled as well. Your phone calls are needed right now to ensure that this bill can move forward. If the bill does not get out of committee, it dies.

SB0250 was introduced by Tennessee State Senator Mae Beavers, and HB0248 was introduced by Representative Sheila Butt. If passed, the bill would stop federal gun restrictions within the State.  It would nullify federal attempts to “ban, regulate, or restrict…ownership, transfer, possession, or manufacture of a firearm, a firearm accessory, or ammunition” within the State of Tennessee.

Hearings will be held in both the House and Senate on Wednesday, 02-27-13

Click here to take action in support of your 2nd Amendment rights!

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