A Long and Constant War

There are no experts in this office on the subject of Islam, but history does tell us several things that we should remember. That like Christianity during portions of its history it has become violent in its expansion. Its original area of strength, now known as Iran and Saudi Arabia expanded by conquest from the 632 AD to the 1500 AD. During the periods of 1100 AD to the 1500 AD some ground was lost to European collective  military strength.  In the early 1900’s and during World War I, the tribes aided in the destruction on the Ottoman Empire but opened itself up to, once again, European influence and control, a great deal of this ending after World War II. Without these controls, the Islamic insurgents rose to power and prospered playing off those with less hope of economic success and dictatorial regimes. It gave purpose to lives that had little purpose.

Mr. Brown’s article below provides the argument that some in the Islamic world use to fire that aggression.

By Jeffrey T. Brown /  American Thinker

For centuries, Islam has sought the conquest of the non-Islamic world. The goals, aggression, and brutality of this system of social and religious order are undeniable. Despite countless battles, wars, successes, and failures, it is still here, if anything stronger and more violent than ever.

We in the West have done more to facilitate the spread and influence of Islam than seems logically possible. It is a system whose written code calls for the extermination or enslavement of all non-believers. It is no more a religion of peace than a firefight is a demonstration of love. Muslims committing murder tell us, without equivocation or nuance, that they are compelled by their god to wage jihad, both violent and subtle, in order to conquer the world for him. The Qu’ran says they may defeat us with lies or by death. Either way, it is their singular mission.

Until about 50 years ago, most Americans were sensible enough to process that kind of evidence and come to a prompt conclusion that such persons were committed to doing us harm, and had to be stopped. Since then, of course, astounding numbers of Americans have abandoned critical thinking and honesty in favor of the blind acceptance of lies as truth. It is more fashionable to embrace fatal stupidity than to behave responsibly in defense of one’s life and country.

Thus, when a president or a prime minister speaks of countering this global movement by managing it, or suppressing it by appeals to the virtues of the host culture, they have already failed, because they do not comprehend the threat. They fail at the same time to recognize what is plainly apparent to the rest of us. There are so many sadistic and violent Muslims in the world, indeed within all of the free nations that have welcomed them under the fraud of multiculturalism, that we are at the mere beginnings of what will likely be a long and constant war, both military and cultural, for our own survival. The longer we wait to fight, the harder it will be to win.

Each time a nation’s leader fails to acknowledge the obvious scope of this impending threat by mislabeling it as an aberration or exception to the faux “religion of peace”, we perpetuate utter ignorance and naivete concerning the enemy. It does not advance our safety or security to have a civilization of chronically misinformed citizens who have been conditioned to value feeling good about themselves for their tolerance of mass murder over protecting their own lives, and those of their children.

The artificial appellation of “religion of peace” is a propagandist’s dream for those seeking to conceal the truth about the scriptural directives upon which they act. For those to whom truth matters, “religion of peace” is jarring evidence of the deception and immorality of political correctness, the censorship and suppression of honest dialogue in favor of illusion. That national leaders continue to celebrate illusion over truth is not only disturbing, but will prove fatal. We can no longer afford the ludicrous self-congratulation that comes with conscious adherence to fantasy. The world is a violent and serious place, where those who would kill in pursuit of power and domination do not similarly contort themselves to overlook the murder of their fellows in order to placate their killers. That we continue to do so despite all we know and the increasing threats voiced by those killers, is simply suicidal.

There is no way to stop this global movement by mere words. We will not persuade those intent on murder and domination in the name of their god to stop because we have decided that what they do isn’t civilized or that Western values are better. Besides, our words mean nothing if they do not contain the truth. Until we speak truthfully about Islamic terrorists as the psychotic murderers they show themselves to be, they know they are safe and can advance unchecked.

Indeed, the crusade to blind the West to the coming assault on our lives and freedom has been long and relentless. As Islamists gain more control over what is considered permissible to say about them in a supposedly free society, the more firmly they chide us that to speak honestly, and to evaluate and counter threats truthfully, are disgusting character flaws. Islam encourages its adherents to lie to its enemies, and political correctness is lying. Even if the West’s fantasies are finally overcome, the fight will only just be starting, since honesty will accomplish no more than to correctly identify the threat. As we struggle to do this, they are killing thousands of innocent people before our eyes.

In our cultural weakness and self-deception, we have gifted our enemies with time and space. They grow more powerful by the day overseas, promising they are coming here to kill us. Meanwhile, in Western nations, they have become adept at quietly exploiting our cultural foolishness. As evidenced in Europe, and to some degree here, communities of Muslims have amassed, not to assimilate with the host culture but to demand the surrender of the host’s culture, exploiting political correctness and the outbreeding of judgment and discretion to demand that the host assimilate to them, rather than the opposite. Eventually, when the host nation has been adequately softened through its own moral relativism, the demands increase that the host abide by Sharia, while the transplant shuns and breaks the laws of the host. Islamists refuse to assimilate with infidels, because infidels are inferior to Muslims and deserve death. To assimilate would be apostasy and bring eternal damnation.

Even now, we are beginning to see the changes that will multiply as Islamists believe their time has come. Innocent Americans have been murdered here as payback for foreign policy. Malcontents have gone abroad to fight alongside our enemies. American converts are recruiting others who will kill us in our own country. Bomb-making instructions are online. Our border is open and undefended, and they will cross it.

Islam was never a “religion of peace”. If it was, forced conversion or death would never be considered, let alone prescribed. There is only Islam as it is written in the Qu’ran, and multitudes of its practitioners have accurately said our deaths are justified by its writings. It is time we looked at the severed heads, the murdered women and children, the crucified Christians, the slavery, all the death and destruction, and believed what they have to tell us. In our time of weakness, they are rising. We must return to the America of our fathers, and begin to fight as if our survival depended on it, because it does.  We need no more happy lies about Islam.

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