Scotland Votes NO

LONDON, United Kingdom – Scotland has voted to remain in the United Kingdom. In a result that will bring a sigh of relief to many in Britain, Europe and the wider world, the ‘No’ campaign is on course to win the Scottish independence referendum on a projected margin of 55 percent to 45 percent.

Although polls in the run-up to voting had given the ‘No’ campaign a narrow lead, many said the result would be too close to call, and with the ‘Yes’ side gaining ground, an upset still looked possible.

But over the course of an initially tense night, as council after council declared in favour of ‘No’, it became clear that this would be a comfortable victory for the pro-Union campaign.

Although ‘Yes’ strongholds of Dundee and Glasgow declared in favour of independence, the nationalists did not win these by a big enough margin to swing the national vote.

One of the biggest surprises was the ‘No’ victory in the Western Isles, which is a largely Gaelic-speaking area and has a history of electing SNP representatives.

Scotland’s First Deputy Minister Nicola Sturgeon admitted in the early hours that her party’s campaign for independence had likely been defeated as preliminary results indicated a decisive victory for the “No” camp – reflecting earlier concerns from the Scottish National Party which were reflected early on when Alex Salmond was reported to have cancelled a morning visit to his home constituency of Aberdee

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