Wisdom in a Bottle

random thoughtsCollectively speaking but with too many Christians in the spotlight too, American Culture is getting from God exactly what it deserves.  

“America is great because America is good, and whenever America ceases being good, America will cease being great.”  Whether that came from a “Republican” or a “Democrat” doesn’t matter one twit. 

The Creator of Goodness is also the Creator of Satan and his Wickedness, whether we like to hear that or not.  The Godless lives that far too many Americans are living out today is what has brought about God’s Holy Wrath upon us.  

But far more pertinent that that, too few Christians — evidently — have been living out their “Great Commission” (MT 28:18-20, KJV) so that all the rest of the citizenry would pattern itself after us instead of vice-versa.  So at the same time as we’re striving towards a better America and a better world (in anticipation of the Perfected World to come), we Christians should light that way with a bright and clear witness for Jesus Christ and His redeeming powers.  Disobedience, again and again, has always been the Jews’ problem, and so it is with Christians today. 

Am I right, Brother Frank, or am I right?

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