There shall be no more curse, but the throne of God and of the Lamb shall be in it.

animated_umc_crossRead: Revelation 22:3

How grateful we are for the wonders of the world that God has created for us as our home in time. Though blighted with evil and pain, the earth is full of beautiful things that dazzle our senses. Early some midsummer morning, take a walk in a flower garden and absorb its beauty and fragrance. Then think about all of its loveliness—a faint glimpse of heaven’s glory.

Years ago I stood outside a cabin high in the Rocky Mountains. As far as I could see, all the peaks were snow-covered and glistening under the light of a full moon. What an overwhelming spectacle that was! Yet still, just a glimpse of heaven’s glory.

Listen to the thrilling cascade of harmony in Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony. Then imagine the rapturous sound of angelic choirs.

Our Savior assured His disciples that He would return to His Father and His eternal home to prepare a place for those who simply believe. It will be a place of such splendor that nothing on earth can compare with it.

The only requirement for entry is personal faith in Christ and His atoning death and resurrection. Trust in His sacrifice, and one day He’ll welcome you into that glorious beauty and joy.

Vernon Grounds

Brightest and best of that glorious throng,
Center of all, and the theme of their song,
Jesus, our Savior, the pierced One stands,
Lovingly calling with beckoning hands.


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