Tax this! Tax that!

gm071027That’s all I’m hearing out of the statists from both sides of the aisle these days in Washington and of course our own governor…. but it is not just our governor… but our own state representatives as well stand in favor of this increase.

Democrats and establishment Republicans alike are going all-out to tax anything and everything possible.

Their latest target?

The Internet!

According to reports, the statists in Washington are scheming to ram through an Internet sales tax amendment whenever they get a chance during the lame-duck session.

That’s why it’s vital you call your representative and senators and urge them to vote against any attempt to tax the Internet.

You can find your representative’s contact information here and your senators’ information here.

Our nation is over $16.2 TRILLION in the hole. Unemployment is just under 8%. And the price of food, gas, and other basic necessities continues to rise.

Instead of massive tax hikes or new taxes on goods and services like the Internet, Congress should be looking for ways to lower taxes and cut government spending.

Aside from being just plain wrong, with over 15,000 tax jurisdictions in 45 states, an Internet sales tax would be a massive regulatory burden on business owners.

At a time when businesses are struggling to keep their doors open, an Internet sales tax could force many businesses to close shop – dealing a massive blow to our already-fragile economy.

And the truth is, this is far more than just a new tax on consumers and businesses.

A federal law taxing Internet sales would be nothing more than the latest Big Government power grab designed to put another nail in the coffin of states’ rights.

And it could have a devastating effect on “tax competition” among states attempting to attract businesses.

As Chief Justice John Marshall once said, “The power to tax is the power to destroy.”

So please, call Congress right away and demand your elected officials oppose any attempt to tax the Internet!

Tell them that new taxes are the last thing we need during such tough economic times.

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