Linda Hunnicutt left this building on May 30, 2014

This is a SAD email I am sending out  – one I knew in my heart about a week ago but was just able to document it this morning.

Linda Hunnicutt left this building on May 30, 2014.


Home sweet Home

I got this news from a Sheriff’s Deputy in North Carolina following a requested welfare check I had requested for her.  Her husband told the deputy to give me his phone number and I am going to call him shortly.  I just have to get myself together before calling as I know it is going to be a tear filled call. When someone on WGEN has a continuing return of emails I try my best to check up on that person to make sure they are ok.  When email began returning about 5 or 6 days ago addressed to Linda Hunnicutt (better known to many as GRANNY WARRIOR) I had this SINKING feeling in my heart as I knew she was not in good health  back in April I received this email from Linda:

At 04:55 PM 4/29/2014, you wrote:

well old friend I don’t know how much longer I will be in this fight. I was hospitilized on sunday before last and am now in hospice care.  Strangely I feel quite well other than not being able to breathe. The slightest movement and I am out of breath for a while.  There are so many unfinished little things that I wanted to finish but probably won’t get done.  I had wanted so much to see some improvement in this country but that isn’t looking that good either.

Hopefully I can pull this last act off with grace and leave some good memories with folks.  It has been a good friendship between you and I you never messed up with phony news  and drama which I really do appreciate.

will see you again soon and hopefully we can look back and say we helped to make this better…

good by my friend….If by some mirical I hang on a little longer than I think I can I will let you know.

Now please get on your knees and pray that God will accept me into his house.




Live your life in such a way

that in the morning, when your feet hit

the floor, Satan shudders and says…

“Oh Crap!  She’s awake!”

“I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.”-Barack Obama

One of the reasons I hadn’t really picked up on things before now is that I was in the throes of moving, several times, and email to Linda was still \going thru. When I started getting the returned notices and I tried to call her and got an immediate recording about a voice mail not being set up – I knew that what I didn’t want to hear had happened.  So., I finally called the Sheriffs office in Buncombe County, NC We have lost a strong patriot – one who gave her all in this battle against the ENEMY WITHIN – and I lost a dear friend until we meet again as she said above.

I am thinking this morning of all the many who have left here – Sandy Miller, Dot Bibbee, Luther Lunchbucket, Alan Stang,  and MAGGIE (who never wanted to be known) of TN, and so many more that I have been blessed to know, to learn from, and now miss.

I think I will just sit and cry for awhile……  my heart is sad at the loss of Linda’s presence but at the same time it is happy knowing she no longer is suffering but is in the presence of God.

Goodby Linda,  Thank you for all you did to help others.  We two Grannies worked well together. Jackie Juntti Grassroots Granny


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