Caught on video: Union thugs attack in Michigan

Michigan struck a blow for worker freedom and economic growth yesterday. And the violence and hate of Big Labor were on full display in the hours leading up to the final votes. I can’t say I’m surprised Big Labor’s protest against the Michigan Right to Work bills turned ugly.

You and I know all too well that union operatives often employ intimidation, threats, and even outright violence to get their way. This time it was caught on video.

On the floor of the Michigan House yesterday, just before the House passed Right to Work legislation, Democrat Representative Doug Geiss threatened that union violence was just around the corner.

“There will be blood, there will be repercussions,” Rep. Geiss warned. Teamster union chief Jimmy Hoffa similarly vowed, “We’re going to have a civil war.” Just outside the Michigan State Capitol, union operatives — some wielding knives — stormed and destroyed a tent being used by Right to Work supporters. Then, one union thug attacked a Right to Work supporter and punched him four times in the face.

The shocking video is here — but I must warn you, it contains disturbing language and violence. These are the lengths union militants will go to protect their forced-dues power. And I’m afraid, as Geiss and Hoffa warned, we haven’t seen the last of it even after Governor Snyder signed Right to Work into law last night.


This information is brought to you by The National Right to Work Committee

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