“AKs Aren’t Accurate”

Ever been on the wrong end of an AK 47, well a few of you may have been. In the past, there have disparaging remarks made by a great many over the accuracy of the Russian made weapon and those that use and carry the weapon. Well today, my Russian friend here is going to dispel some of those rumors that say the weapon is of little use after a 100 yards using todays 7.62×39 cartridge.

This is typically an indication of one of three things.

  1. The person making the comment has never actually fired an AK.
  2. The person making the comment has only shot a lower-end, poor quality AK made by drunken monkeys, okay, I grant you, the version you see being used by those in Viet Nam and in third world country’s today may have been made by those monkeys.
  3. The person making the comment simply can’t shoot, but prefers to blame the rifle instead of admitting he needs to spend a weekend at an Appleseed event learning the basics.

In this video, Rob Ski of AKOU 47-74 goes to work with an AK at 300 yards, which is well within the range of the platform and the 7.62×39 cartridge. A good shooter can take a correctly manufactured 7.62×39 AK past 350-400 yards, and a 5.45×39 another 100 yards beyond that.

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