Fighting for Gun Rights

guns 3At a time when gun control might have been easy to get passed, an unprecedented reaction to the heavy hand of government control reveals itself across the country.

As of today, 348 sheriffs and 14 sheriffs associations have publicly stepped forward to let the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association know that they will not be enforcing any new federal gun control regulations.

Similarly, firearms and related manufacturers have publicly announced they will not be selling to any state, county, city or municipality that restrict gun rights. Dubbed the Firearms Equality Movement, nearly 130 companies have signed on.

Plus, 32 states have now introduced bills nullifying any new federal gun control measures. Five of these have passed one chamber.

What can we take away from this? That there certainly are options when Congress fails. The states have delegated to Congress enumerated powers. When Congress steps over these powers, states have an obligation to stand up and act in defense of its citizens.

Yet, there are state legislators who are not willing to step forward to defend citizens against equally egregious government oversteps, including ObamaCare, NDAA Indefinite Detention and many foolish and harmful regulations foisted upon industry through unelected and virtually unaccountable federal bureaucratic agencies.

Use the gun control nullification as an example of what states should be doing. Talk to your legislators about being just as passionate about protecting all of our God-given rights, not just the right to bear arms.

Call your State Senator and support laws like SB250 in Tennessee.

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