One Big Scammer Fraud Fest

Several years ago Trent Seibert with the Tennessean, wrote about a new ethics bill that was created behind the curtains, as I might say.

“It is not surprising that a compromise ethics bill was pieced together by a compromise crafted out of public sight. That’s how business has long been done on Capitol Hill.

Sen. Douglas Henry, D-Nashville, who chairs the powerful Senate Finance Committee, said as much in his remarks at the Tennessee Bicentennial Celebration in 1996.

“As a young freshman legislator in 1955, I thought I ought to read the governor’s proposed budget before I voted on it,” he recalled.

“I went to the governor’s office and asked if I might see the budget. A list was produced, and I was told my name was not on the list, whereupon I went upstairs, voted ‘yes’ on the budget and went home.”

Naifeh, in his own way provided us with one of the most common of human conditions in regards the weakness of men.

…..House Speaker Jimmy Naifeh, D-Covington, was unapologetic about the practice when asked about it at the time. But he did say it’s less common than it used to be, when meetings were held “all over the place.” He said meetings sometimes need to be held privately to work through budget differences.

Naifeh added that “folks in my district” are more concerned with the content of the final budget than the road legislators took to get there.

And he said all meetings in his office are open to anyone who wanders in.

During the same period the Jackson Sun’s editorial department stated:

“Despite the improvements and success of the first year of private library management, controversy continues. The library board’s decision to create an $83,000 note to repay Library Systems and Services for money it fronted to open the north branch is under fire. As with the original decision to privatize, some are questioning the legality of the move. Library funding from Madison County, which jointly funds the library with the city of Jackson, is under scrutiny.

Ongoing controversy aside, we urge everyone to look at the results. We have a better library with better facilities and more patrons.”

But the Sun, in it’s attempt to recognize what might appear to better or more services with the same buck, understands little about how that has been managed or arranged.

And these arrangements are not always what they seem.

20120411-TJPED-TIS3-YoungerThe library moved into the path of politics with Sharon Younger and aided by the younger McWhether, backed by Mayor Farmer and later financially assisted by Mayor Gist. These actions took hundred’s of thousands of dollars out of the public’s use and undermined the library’s effectiveness, all to aid friends and associates of Younger and the Mayor. Today with Younger and private management gone, the Library is functioning on all cylinders.

The downtown parking garage, other friend aiding friend plan, removed about 1 million dollars from taxpayers use in order to relieve another contributor from a burdensome problem.

The multi year contract with the owners of baseball, which removed another 1 million plus annually from the city’s coffers was advanced by contributions to the elections of councilmen as well as the mayor.

Under the former and present mayor’s eyes with the aid of those that help control funding placed 10 years ago in important positions helped send to its demise the local YMCA, whose membership has been decimated by the non secular creation of the LIFT which is nothing more than government funded exercise.

Those same agents now direct the actions of redevelopment. Ummmm.

Of course, secrecy ebbed itself through all of these deals… as well as others. But some will say, look at what we have accomplished….. see what we have done for you, the taxpayer. Is this worth all the graft that we had to fund? Is life better really better because of it? Should you grant rewards to those that seek to end Christian beliefs of morality?

Grantland Rice, he was an American sportswriter who lived from 1880-1954. He once wrote, “For when the One Great Scorer comes, / To write against your name, / He marks – not that you won or lost – / But how you played the Game.”

Of course not everyone agrees with him for that matter:

I quote:

“Grantland Rice, the great sportswriter once said, ‘It’s not whether you win or lose, it’s how you play the game.’ Well Grantland Rice can go to hell as far as I’m concerned.” — Gene Autry

“Winning isn’t the only thing; it’s everything. — Vince Lombardi

Now both of these men were in private enterprise, funded by one motivation, money! And winning equates to more of it.

I can’t do anything about when private enterprise fails to meet moral standards but when the government decides to toss aside fundamental right and wrong values, we can say something.

“I have never had much sympathy for the point of view, “it isn’t whether you win or lose that counts, but how you play the game.” — Richard Nixon, and we know where he ended up…

Even with Nixon resignation, corruption in our government has moved to higher levels, certainly even more sophisticated since Nixon, but just as obvious.

The feds themselves put Medicare and Medicaid fraud at approaching 10 percent of the programs’ budgets, or about $100 billion a year for the two programs alone.

Now considering that the federal budget is greater than $1,000,000,000,000.00, this is about .2% of the total budget. Of course, I’m betting that’s on the low side and that is only two programs.

Mayor Jerry GistOn the local level, Mayor Gist and Councilman Conger decided to defend the continued spending of millions of taxpayers funds to hypothetically save jobs in Jackson in the local post office. Sad part about this is that their jobs were never in jeopardy. If they had been successful in this fraudulent political ploy, we might have been paying more than $.49 to send a letter.

This makes me wonder if they just like to throw away taxpayers’ dollars.

Of course, some will say, there is no corruption there. This was just politics. They were acting to win elections. The citizens of Jackson wouldn’t be paying for this type of political corruption.

Really! If you believe that, let me talk to you about some real estate on the moon.






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