A letter from Lucy

I read a quote this morning and wanted to share it with you this Easter week-end. 

J.  C. Ryle  wrote the following: 

“You see the  Eternal SON of GOD suffering, bleeding, agonizing, dying, in  order to pay your soul’s debt and make satisfaction for your sins…Nothing but CHRIST’s atonement on the cross can ever clear up these things… Your own…repentance, your own morality and regularity, your own churchgoing and sacrament-receiving, your own Bible- reading and your prayers, your own giving and your charities- what are they all but a huge mass of imperfection?…As grounds of acceptance with GOD, they are worthless rubbish…they cannot bear the weight of your sins… Rest on nothing but CHRIST crucified, and the atonement HE made for you on Calvary.”

This was written in the 1800’s but is so true for today. 

Nothing but the blood of JESUS can cleanse us from our sins.  It is not by works that we are saved but by JESUS only. 

Happy Easter.

Because of HIM, we live,



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