Are You Free Yet? Part 4

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What type of people, do you think, are free from fear, the fear of death? What could they possible be like?

I believe that they are the ones that have left wage slavery and are on the frontier. They don’t just take “calculated” risks. They are vision driven. They see time for what it is – a gift that presents itself bit by bit, precious only to the ones who are themselves present in this very moment.

These folks, and there are truly not many of them, are available. They breathe deeply. They are unpredictable and un-categorical.

They never did like being slaves.

Dennis Fisher wrote:

Spartacus is not just a film legend but a historical figure. Historians say that he was likely a Roman soldier who deserted, was recaptured, and then sold into slavery as a gladiator.

While at the gladiatorial school at Capua, Spartacus led a rebellion. This act of defiance attracted massive numbers of slaves, growing to an estimated 70,000. Initially, Spartacus’ slave army enjoyed spectacular victories. But they were eventually defeated, and the captured rebels were crucified along the road to Rome.

What a contrast to Spartacus is the apostle Paul. Saul of Tarsus (as Paul was also known) was born a free man and yet was destined to become a slave. Acts 9 records the fateful day when Saul came face to face with the Savior he sought to oppose. From that time on, he served Jesus wholeheartedly.

Spartacus was forced to serve a Roman taskmaster. But Paul, in response to God’s grace, voluntarily became a slave to Jesus Christ.

In the believer’s heart rages a spiritual war between sin and righteousness. We can obey the slave-master of sin, or we can say yes to the God of grace who has made us free (Romans 6:16; John 8:34). Our greatest liberty lies in serving the One who created and redeemed us.

I liked that thought.

He suffered greatly and defended his position with grace and love and kindness.

I pray that if I am lucky, I may do the same.

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