A Little Down Time

CoffeeWe will be down for a while today. We are adding a new server and exchanging out another.

We did get a new camera yesterday… well, it is new to us…. Years ago I swore I would never go to digital but that ended with the ease and versitility of these new cameras. The staff and I are starting simple with an Olympus E510 and a couple of different lenses, a couple of sets of batteries and lots of memory. This means a lot of reading this weekend ….. and little practice. I felt a little sad putting my Pentax up on the shelf. Where it does have a lot of company. I don’t throw my cameras away, I retire them to my library where I have used or collected cameras from the past…… I started shooting when I was working in New Mexico during my summers at the tender age of 15…. with occassional stops (money, family, work, school). Some of my pictures hang around the house, reminding me of how bad I am at it.

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