Brantley Gains Approval To Move In

This last Monday morning, I received a call from Councilman Brooks who asked me to look into the 118 Allen property that morning.

Mr. Brooks had received a call from a lady earlier that lived near the Allen property and questioned the activities.

Both Mr. Brooks and I had, at the request of our constituents opposed the installation.

On that Monday morning I recorded a short section of activity outside the “plant” and reported to Building Codes Department of the city of Jackson. I was informed at that time that Mr. Brantley had received a building permit to work on the property but had not been issued a Certificate of Zoning nor a Certificate of Occupancy. During the hearing in May, Mr. Brantley had agreed to every condition set aside for him which included work to the inside of the property that would insure the peace and safety to the neighborhood which surrounds the “plant”.

This also required that no materials or equipment be stored outside the building. After investigating the Building and Codes Department issued a temporary Certificate of Occupancy on Wednesday and Mr. Brantley has 30 days to comply. This will allow him to continue to work while the construction requirements are being met. Mr. Brantley has complained that Mr. Brooks and I are “unfairly badgering his company and that he is growing tired of their “completely bogus” attacks.”

Neither Mr. Brooks or I considered that worth replying to. The sad part about all of this is, I don’t even know Mr. Brantley well enough to judge if he will live under those conditions. So the question to Mr. Brantley is specifically “will he live up to his part of the bargain.” Only time will answer that… about 30 days.

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