Ribs & Loin fundraiser for Denis Bisangwa


In 1990, Denis was born in a Refugee Camp in Uganda after his family fled Rwanda to escape violence and genocide.  Denis’ Father fought against the horrific genocide in Rwanda and lost his life when Denis was just 2 years old.  When Denis was 10 years old, he lost his Mother to illness.  Orphaned at 10 years old, Denis relied on God to provide for his every need.

As a “Single Child” (a term for children who serve as head of households with no parents), Denis managed to work full-time to provide for his younger siblings and cousins and to attend school.   Upon graduation, he scored a perfect score on the Rwandan exit from high school exam.  In 2011, he became the first International Student to attend Union University on an Academic Scholarship.

At age 22, Denis, continues to work hard as an International Business major at Union.  After completing 59 hours of classes, Denis has a 3.2 GPA, which is extremely impressive, since English is Denis’ 5th language (Kinyarwanda, Luganda, French, Swahili, and English).  Denis is currently serving as Vice President of the International Student Union.  After graduation, he hopes to return to his home country where he dreams of building schools in all four provinces of Rwanda to educate orphans and to be the family of these orphaned children.

Funds are needed for the costs associated with Denis’ education including books, housing, meals and other associated costs.

Friends of Denis are organizing a Fund Raiser on April 6th at the Englewood Baptist Church to support his education.

A partial match for donations will be made by The Ayers Foundation and Northwestern Mutual.

Donations can be made by buying meat or by donating directly to the West TN Rwandan Education Assistance Fund.

If you have any questions you may contact Jay Bush at (731) 499-0075 or Jason Schultz at (731) 571-8312.

We will be pre-selling orders of Ribs for $20 and Pork Loins for $25 to be picked up at Englewood Baptist Church on Highland Ave April 6th from 11 a.m. – 1 p.m.  To place an order, please email Jason Schultz, jason.schultz@nmfn.com.

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