Our Forefathers and Pets

AMFox_AKCbloom400x267Here is a neat little article about Washington, Jefferson, Franklin and Adams that you might not know about:

What do “Tipsy,” “Drunkard” and “Satan” have in common? They are all names bestowed upon dogs by some of the original leaders of our nation. It turns out that George Washington and John Adams, along with a few of their fellow founding fathers, liked to exercise their sense of humor when naming their canine companions.

Here’s a little known fact according to the American Kennel Club (AKC): George Washington was not only the father of our nation, but also the father of the American Foxhound. In 1770, Washington imported a pack of hounds from England and in 1785, he received a few French Foxhounds from the Marquis de Lafayette. These hounds, which Washington bred, are the ancestors of today’s American Foxhound. Clearly a fan of the sauce, Washington listed more than 30 hounds in his journals, including “Drunkard,” “Tipler” and “Tipsy.”

John Adams and his wife Abigail named one of their dogs “Satan” because of his unfocused energy. (You know what they say about idle paws…). But “Juno” was Abigail’s true favorite. In a letter to her granddaughter, Abigail wrote, “as if you love me proverbially, you must love my dog.” Both dogs were likely mixed breeds.


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