Tennessee Balance of Powers Act

This message was sent into us by Lucy.

The “Balance of Powers Act” HB970 / Matheny,  passed the House State Government subcommittee today. This is one of two similar Bills in the legislature this year that are extremely important. I talked about the importance of this Bill in our last meeting. It is the very beginning of our state taking a stand for constitutionally limited government.

For an explanation of the Bill you can watch the committee meeting on HB970 by clicking on the link below then choose HB970 on the menu of Bills below the video window.

There were two friends of liberty in the committee hearing, Judd Matheny presenting the Bill & Sheila Butt on the committee.


Following is the roll call vote.

Sanderson    Y

Butt                Y

Evans             Y

Haynes          Absent

Shaw*             N

Williams        Y

SB1158 / Beavers, the mating Senate Bill will go before the Senate State & Local Government Committee although it is not yet on the calendar. Senator John Stevens is on the Senate State & Local Government committee and we should encourage him to support SB1158.

Below is a link to the committee members. Click on their names to get their contact information. Please call and email as many as you can and ask for their support.


David Nance President, Gibson County Patriots


Washington politicians who steal our children’s future to appease the voter’s desire for free money from government are morally bankrupt.

If we reelect these morally bankrupt politicians we are no less than the same.

* Editor’s Note: Rep. Johnny Shaw ( District 80) holds this position as the so called and unconstitutionally based minority created district in the Tennessee State House. I happen to be one of the token majority located in his district…. now that sounded odd.

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