I was thinking this morning of the similarities between  how people have turned their backs on God – on Jesus Christ and how life has become so degraded because of that. Then I thought of how certain kinds of people have turned their backs on law & order and turned our streets into war zones with the rioting – the vandalism – the killing of each other – the defiance in openly taking what belongs to others and then claiming to be the ones wronged.

None of this would take place if people simply lived life as God COMMANDED us to live.  But mankind – like Satan and his demons – is rebellious and has decided that they will do what they want regardless of how that dooms them to Hell.

When mothers and family cover the lawlessness of their children – calling them GOOD BOYS, etc. – they are lying and they know it but they refuse to take the responsibility for not raising up their children as God told them to raise those children.  It is easier to blame anyone who takes a stand to halt the killing, the rioting, the stealing, etc.

REBELLION is the ROOT of all this that we are reading and hearing about today.

Just as the theft of the beer and then throwing that stolen beer at the store clerk was the ROOT of a crime in Olympia, WA –  we are witnessing the wrongful charges against the cop who would not have been called if the GOOD BOYS had been home at that hour of the night instead of out stealing what wasn’t theirs — and then they attack the cop.  Their mother refuses to accept what they did as wrong and calls those two thieves *GOOD BOYS*.   And the MEDIA is assisting in the rebellion by focusing on the cop rather than the ROOT cause of the entire incident…  the two *GOOD BOYS* who decided to STEAL some beer and then throw it at the clerk – which they then followed up by attacking the cop.

This one incident is going on across America and around the world.  REBELLION AGAINST GOD.

That is why I send out the Daily Devotionals each morning.  My hope and prayer is that these messages will change the direction some person has been traveling and will have a change in their heart – that they will turn to God – that they will REPENT, ask Jesus Christ into their life and be Born Again.  It is why I daily lift in prayer those on the WGEN list and those who read these posts – to those folks I have had as friends but they aren’t on WGEN – and for family members to do more than just go to church – but to have a REAL “burning bush’ experience and to hear God’s voice speak to them.

If you already are Born Again then I ask that you join me in daily prayer to reach those who live  a “show room” Christian life rather than a real, day in and day out, Christian Life, living as God instructed us to live…  not as some denominational doctrine but as the Word of God sets forth.

Jackie Juntti WGEN

It isn’t who you are –  It is WHOSE you are ! ! ! !

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