The Sweet 16

Florida Gulf Coast's Sherwood Brown, center, celebrates with teammates after their 81-71 win over San Diego State


‘College basketball is a game of joy, but as of late, all the joy seems to have been sucked out of it.

Scoring is at its lowest point in decades. Coaches over-coach so much that point guards tentatively look to their benches before every offensive play, slowing the game to a snail’s pace. The NCAA and its Nurse Ratched-like enforcement arm make the coaches and players who follow the rules have to walk on eggshells all day long. The one-and-done epidemic means fans never get invested in the best players, so each year feels like a revolving door.

College basketball, some say, is dying.


These are the words of Reid Forgrave and I am going to have to agree…. not since Tark and his Running Rebels of Las Vegas have I seen such freedom in the game of basketball… I know coaching is imperative to the sport just as speed and indurance is but this team is something to behold…. they just love the game.

“They represent the naïve and real joy of sports overpowering the money-printing machine that is the College Sports Industrial Complex. This team is about joy. The players are about throwing lobs when they’re supposed to be running out the clock. They’re about their best player, the dreadlocked Sherwood Brown, strolling over to the television announcers to shake their hands as the clock was winding down against Georgetown.

When people say college hoops is dying, tell them about the joy and free-spiritedness of this Florida Gulf Coast team. Tell them about how they celebrated their second win in the NCAA tournament by dousing their coach with water when he came into the locker room, then dancing like a bunch of damn fools.”

Sixteen great games of basketball played this weekend…. a few highlights.

My alma mater lost in true fashion on Saturday. University of Memphis went down badly to Michigan State 70 – 48. Memphis along with St. Louis found themselves out gunned and out defensed and lost by 20 plus points. Miami deserved to lose that game mainly because of lack of depth in the post positions but they held on with timely subs. Kansas like Duke made a power run in the end to stop UNC and Creighton. Both games were closer than the score… you have got to love Creighton for not backing down from Duke.


Kansas over Michigan

FGCU over Florida

This one will be close Indiana over Syracuse

Although I don’t think they will deserve it Miami over Marquette

Another tough one: Arizonia over Ohio St…. I could be wrong on this one.

The Shockers of Wichita State over La Salle… I missed the Ole Miss / La Salle match so tell me what you think here.

Duke over Michigan State…. this will be a battle…..

Another close match ….  Louisville over Oregon.


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