Scratching the Totalitarian Itch


By Eric Erickson

They came in to power and destroyed lives. Relationships were ruined. Historic monuments were destroyed. History had to be rewritten.

The American left has, running through it, the same totalitarian streak that ran through the Communists, their kissing-cousins the Nazis, and the Islamic State. The left, always in search of a utopia, decides to force utopia on the world. That requires their inner totalitarian.

Communists, when they took over Russia, China, Cuba, etc. etc. etc. tore down monuments, demanded allegiance to their state, drove out dissent, and rewrote history.

The Islamic State now destroys lives, ruins relationships, rewrites history, and tears down historic monuments as it remakes society into a Caliphate utopia.

The American left, thankfully, is not as violent as its intellectual cousins abroad … yet. But while Bush was President, dissent was patriotic. Now, to criticize the President or the left is to be branded a racist, bigot, homophobe, and more. Dissent is no longer welcome in the town square.

The left celebrates the business that won’t bake a cake for a confederate, but demands bakers who won’t bake for gay weddings be fined by the state and driven from business. The pizza place get death threats if they have stars and bars pinned to the ceiling or publicly admit they don’t want a rainbow flag on the ceiling.

Historic memorials to the Civil War must be torn down. Historic names must be changed. St. Petersburg must become Leningrad. Companies must be shamed into not selling the Confederate battle flag.

They cannot help themselves. Totalitarians have to exert total control, including emotional control, over all aspects of your life.

They will make you care and, in fact, they will judge you based on how much you care and whether you care the right way. If you do it wrong, prepared to be harassed out of gainful employment, shamed out of the public square, and, if they get their way, harassed by the government they control.

They have to scratch their totalitarian itch. It is their nature.

Dylann Roof, who should be branded a murderous monster, is instead a means to the left’s ends. And, of course, they always, always blame the Jews.

As Mollie Hemingway wrote,

Listen, it’s great that we’re aiming to be an anti-racist society. That’s very, very good! But it’s bad that we are slowly forgetting how to dislike something without seeking its utter destruction. Somehow we’ve abandoned the aesthetic of Abraham Lincoln for that of Mao Tse-Tung.

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