Black Man Executes Woman in Hollywood With Shotgun to Back of Head … No Businesses Burned

Not a Blink of an Eye

A black man is allegedly shot in the back by a white cop in Ferguson, Mo. Violence erupts. Property is destroyed.

A black man dies ostensibly after given a rough ride in a police van in Baltimore. Three of the six individuals charged in his death are white. Violence erupts. Property is destroyed.

A white woman has her head blown off by an unknown black man while walking the streets of Hollywood. Nothing.

On Saturday night, Carrie Jean Melvin, 30, was strolling with her boyfriend on Hollywood’s Sunset Boulevard to get something to eat.

Suddenly, an unknown black man with a shotgun approached the couple from behind, aimed the gun at the back of Melvin’s head and pulled the trigger. The boyfriend was not hurt.

The killer then ran to a black sedan and drove away. Witnesses reported that Melvin’s assailant was wearing a dark jacket with a hoodie. He was still at large.

The motive for the murder was a mystery.

“There is no evidence suggesting the shooting was part of a botched robbery. And there was no conversation between the couple and the gunman before he opened fire,” said John Skaggs, a detective with the Los Angeles Police Department’s West Bureau homicide unit.

“On one hand, she didn’t have any known enemies,” he explained. “On the other hand, it looks like it was directed toward her. We’re looking at all angles.”

Skaggs added that the boyfriend had been interviewed, but that there was “no indication that they had any idea there were enemies, that she would be targeted, so at this point we just don’t know.” (H/T The Gateway Pundit)

This all went down in liberal Hollywood. But no violence followed Melvin’s execution-style murder. No property was destroyed in a sudden paroxysm of vandalism in the name of “justice” for the dead woman.

Why the stark contrast between the community response to the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., and Freddie Gray in Baltimore as compared with the death of Melvin in Hollywood?

Here’s a hint: skin color.

Brown and Gray were black. Melvin was white. Liberals — and, more specifically, race baiters — don’t care much about white victims. The murder of whites by blacks doesn’t fit their preconceived narrative that only blacks are victims of crimes perpetrated by racists, who are always white.

Certainly, white-on-black crime occurs. The recent shooting in Charleston, S.C., is one horrendous example. But such tragedies are the exception, not the rule.

Meanwhile, Melvin’s death goes unacknowledged by liberals and the sycophantic media.

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