Painting by Numbers…..

I have a talent for numbers, but even I have asked the question should I manage simply by the numbers and utilize formulas or should I listen to God and build my life, my businesses, even government, through relationships?

If I should chose either of those answers, I have trapped myself into falling for the “right/wrong”, “either/or” game. It’s both.

I have found that if I should rely only on numbers or formulas and then I leave God out of the equation, or minimize relationships, then I surely error. If I leave all the diligence and hard work up to God and just seek Him, expecting Him to deliver the big result, then I  also error. It is both. Somehow I need to strike a some sort of balance.

There is this old adage, “work like it all depends on you and pray like it all depends on God”, I believe it has some merit.

It is said that God rewards diligence. One man plants, another waters, but God gives the increase. It is my job to plant and water and if I do so plant sparingly, I will reap sparingly. Of course God does have his formulas He uses all the time to produce consistent results. Just look at science, which is merely the discovery of the ways of God. It is full of formulas and precise measurements. There’s an important place for that in business, government and life.

But formulas are not found in nature and business to replace God, but rather to reveal Him and the greatness of His incalculable wisdom and thus draw us closer to Him! As an Engineer I have asked God to reveal His formulas to me. I have asked Him to explain ratios and how I should allocate resources in all aspects of life.

Let Him teach me how to profit (Isaiah 48) and lead me in the way I should go.

He is always faithful, so should I be!

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