US Marine Calls Pro-Homosexual Bakery And Asks For A Cake With A Bible Verse On It. The Pro-Homosexual Bakery Discriminates Against Him And Does Not Want To Make The Cake. Now An Investigation Is Being Made Against The Bakery For Discrimination

Why aren’t we reading about this in the MSM – or – hearing it over and over on the TV ???    Where is Obama? Several video’s on the web page…..

Jackie Juntti


By Theodore Shoebat  /

A US Marine named Robert Mannarino called a pro-homosexual bakery in Florida, called Cut the Cake , and requested for a cake with a Bible verse on it, Leviticus 20:13, and the bakery made it quite obvious that they did not want to provide service for the Marine, wanting to charge him $150 for each letter, which would have costed thousands. The Marine called the same bakery later one, this time with a disguised voice, and asked for a simple birthday cake with the words “Happy Birthday,” and no such charge was made. Obviously this was anti-Christian discrimination.


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