Universal Background Checks And Other Items

Are you OK with the federal government keeping a database on all gun sales and transfers, even between family members? Do you favor tighter background checks of gun purchasers? Well, the National Rifle Association seems to be OK with doing just that.

The National Association for Gun Rights sent out an alert/fund-raising email last Friday and in it accused the NRA of being in the middle of making backroom deals to further legislate away the Second Amendment. The NAGR surmised that the NRA was willing to accept universal background checks in exchange for “national concealed carry reciprocity.”

So rather than allowing states to craft their own versions of concealed  carry legislation, the NRA is willing to open it up to the entire Congress to decide carrying standards. However, from a Constitutional viewpoint, neither state nor federal government should be infringing on your God-given right to keep and bear arms.

Is this just another example of “conservative” politicians refusing to take a principled stand? The New American takes a closer look at the NRA’s National School Shield Program.

Contact the NRA and your Senators and tell them to stand strong on the Constitution.


VP Joe Biden Provides Insight

Leave it to Vice President Joe Biden to follow in the footsteps of globalists before him and call for a “new world order.” One that reflects the US no longer at the top, rather slipping in order to be on par with other countries. You’d think that Joe should be promoting American exceptionalism and not against it. Interesting how many news outlets have gone to some lengths to explain what Joe meant, in an attempt to head off “conspiracy theories.”

Aren’t Your Kids, Yours? Not According to MSNBC

MSNBC Host Melissa Harris-Perry has stated that the responsibility of raising children shouldn’t and doesn’t belong solely with parents — it’s a community effort.

She hearkens back to Hillary Clinton’s socialist mindset of taking a village to raise a child. Yet with the government having spent billions on education over the years, the outcome hasn’t been favorable for the kids. But will those with the mindset that “we need to spend more” realize the harm they are doing? In fact, this type of agenda permeates the public school system, compliments of the National Education Association, the Department of Education and teacher’s unions.

An Online Classical School

FreedomProject Education was created to help parents and students escape this socialist agenda. Where else can you get a full Kindergarten through 12th Grade curriculum steeped in the tradition of the Founding Fathers? No other program has the interaction of live teachers, one-on-one help, and a cutting edge online delivery system. FPE takes on this socialistic agenda head-on. Academic Director Dr. Duke Pesta has always been vocal about his treatment from liberal college staff. During his next live talk show, he will explain how schools are forcing opinions rather than teaching facts. He’ll also highlight one local student’s struggle that has now gone viral.

Tune in to “Our Nation Under God” on Tuesday, April 9th at 4:00 PM Central.



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