Kyle Opposes Outsourcing Government Jobs

Press release from Sen. Sara Kyle, October 13, 2015:

Sen. Kyle stands up for state workers who Haslam adminstration proposes to outsource

NASHVILLE – Lawmakers refused to hear from state employees whose livelihoods would be affected by a proposal to outsource state jobs in a meeting of the Fiscal Review Committee today.

“The administration failed to convince me that such a massive outsourcing of jobs would save the state money,” Sen. Kyle said. “State workers tell a different story – that previous attempts to outsource jobs were too costly and inefficient. We owe it to taxpayers to hear both sides of the issue before we make a decision.”

A motion today by Sen. Kyle to hear from the employees next month failed for lack of a second. The committee had just heard a proposal from the Haslam administration to outsource building management at 940 million square feet of state facilities – including campuses, prisons and National Guard armories.

Editor’s Note: Generally we have found that outsourcing generally means that the government management staff has become too lax in administering its responsibilities. Outsource providers are in the business to make money and they do so through your taxes. The majority of that revenue is created through staff reduction which tells you that either the reduction is needed or that the outsource providers will do it anyway and therefore destroying the direct service provided by the state.  

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