Jeb Bush unveiled a plan on Tuesday to repeal ObamaCare and replace it with healthcare measures intended to give more authority to states.

Bush argued that his plan would empower local governments, help businesses and control costs.

“Why not empower people when we have a chance? And I believe the states are the place where this will happen,” Bush said in a speech in New Hampshire. “Washington has had its day, it has had its chance to do these things and it has failed us miserably.”

Bush’s proposal would allow people to use the tax credits to buy cheaper plans that offer protection in case of “high-cost medical events.” This would differ from ObamaCare, in which people can get subsidies to buy comprehensive coverage.

Bush, who criticized ObamaCare for driving up costs, is touting his proposals as a more cost-conscious and responsible way of providing healthcare. Critics are likely to argue it will also cut off benefits, particularly for the poor.

The former Florida governor would offer the tax credits based on a consumer’s age, in contrast to ObamaCare’s credits that are based on income and give more assistance to low-income people.

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