Gun Control: Bankrupt Then, Bankrupt Now, and Bankrupt Always

Editor’s Notes: Hillary Clinton and her fellow Democrats want gun control to become a front and center issue in the 2016 election. We need to oblige them.

Barack Obama and his allies jumped on the recent mass shooting in Oregon the way ghouls throw themselves on fresh corpses. The crime provided Obama, Hillary Clinton, Shotgun Joe Biden, Andrew Cuomo, Joe Sestak, and of course Ed “Never let a dead child go to waste” Rendell an opportunity to avoid real issues (such as the economy, skyrocketing health care costs, and national security) by offering empty platitudes and flat-out quackery. They want us to believe that enough legislation can turn the nation’s guns into rainbows and unicorns, and violent criminals will suddenly sing Kumbaya with their former prospective victims.

Hillary Clinton and her fellow Democrats want gun control to become a front and center issue in the 2016 election. We need to oblige them to the extent that Mikhail Kutuzov accommodated Napoleon Bonaparte’s invasion of Russia. Note how Clinton’s own proposals are clearly empty platitudes:

  • Clinton, like the equally dishonest Andrew Cuomo of New York, thinks gun manufacturers should be legally responsible for criminals who misuse firearms. The same standard would make General Motors liable for any drunk driver who kills somebody while driving a Chevy. Clinton and Cuomo are both attorneys who know that gun manufacturers sell firearms only through dealers who are licensed by the Federal government. This denies them the excuse of ignorance, and leaves only willful dishonesty as the explanation for their statements.
  • Clinton also knows that the Federal government can already revoke the license of a gun dealer who breaks the law.
  • Clinton also says violent individuals and domestic abusers should not be allowed to buy guns. Violent felons and people convicted of even misdemeanor domestic violence are already prohibited from buying guns. With regard to the latter, though, I recall how the legislation’s originators scrambled to address the issue of police officers who had misdemeanor domestic violence convictions.

We also need to ask Ms. Clinton publicly and frequently how much 501(c)(3) tax exempt money she plans to divert to her campaign next year the way she helped the Million Mom March divert 501(c)(3) funds to Al Gore’s campaign as well as those of Democratic House candidates in 2000. Her sole objective is to get elected by any means necessary rather than to deliver any realistic or viable response to violent crime.


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Source:: American Thinker


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