Change Proposed For Nashville Leash Laws

12-04-06Original Post by Jason Lamb

NASHVILLE, Tenn – Dozens of people in Nashville do it every day, but it turns out that letting your dog run without a leash – even in a dog park – may be against the law.

This comes despite a fenced in area and places to put your leashes inside area dog parks, like the Shelby Dog Park in East Nashville.

Metro councilwoman Karen Bennett said the problem is that the city’s law banning off-leash dogs in the city’s parks doesn’t make any exceptions for dog parks.

That news came as a surprise to folks enjoying the park this week.

“Why have a dog park if you have to keep a dog on the leash?” asked dog owner Scott Stanisky. “They can’t run around, so what’s the point of a dog park then?”

Bennett has introduced an ordinance that would change city code, allowing off-leash areas in dog parks, and potentially allowing them in rural parks in Nashville as well.

“Now we’ll have it fixed,” said Bennett. “It’ll be very simple and everyone will be safe being in the proper zones, keep in mind it has to be in the designated areas.”

Metro council members would be in charge of asking folks in the community what they think about each proposed off leash area first.

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