One Less Gun

We have been receiving a lot of emails lately in regards to a program that LANA (Lambuth Area Neighborhood Association) with the NAACP and in association with West Tennessee Healthcare Foundation. That program is called One Less Gun. This program, as I have been told, is a privately funded program, whose aim is to remove some guns off the streets of Jackson. This community-based program and can only operate if you, as a member of this community, support it financially.  These emails have been asking for backing and financial support as well as the support of businesses and individuals around the city. We have pretty much ignored these requests, but Sally Neudecker decided not to and replied recently to an email she received as well. The program was started in association with LANA, my opposition to the council Scott Conger, and Frank McMeen of West Tennessee Health Care Foundation, Mr. Harrell Carter of the NAACP as well as the Mayor of the city of Jackson, Jerry Gist.

As much as we try to support Lana, this program is in our opinion very detrimental to our area. We cannot in good conscience do anything to aid this extremely harmful endeavor.

We would be quite supportive of classes, a seminar , workshop, etc. on responsible gun ownership. This could be taught by someone from the police department, firearms licensing places, or maybe people who have completed similar courses. If this were publicized that members of Lana were participating in a truly practical, hands on, intense educational program it would cause criminals to really consider what they would be facing in order to carry out their intended crime.

I feel bad that this has been promoted as something that all Lana members support. There are a number of people that have told me that they would not want to belong to any organization that would sponsor such a ludicrous idea let alone the actual event.

Frank and I love being involved in LANA and always are happy to support things that don’t compromise our principles. We have become close to so many members and feel connected through our mutual care for the life we are lucky enough to have by just living in the area.

Have a wonderful holiday season!

Leave it to Ms. Sally to be tactful.

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