Professors join Missouri protests over race issues


Gov. Jay Nixon

A faculty group at the University of Missouri called for a walkout on Monday and Tuesday in support of student activists who say Tim Wolfe, the university system president, has not adequately addressed a series of race-related incidents on campus. The show of solidarity by professors came shortly after more than 30 Missouri football players said they were refusing to play until Wolfe resigns or is terminated. A student group started the protests in October, and Gov. Jay Nixon said Sunday the “concerns must be addressed.”

Editor’s Note: I think the young men that take to the gridiron might wish to rethink this ultimatum considering that the vast majority depend upon the financial support this game provides for them and my guess is they couldn’t afford this otherwise. I would hope that the university’s contract with these student athletes would cover such action, but then again that lesson would be cruel and unjust…… and here the Gov…. what lesson is he teaching? Universities must be “havens of trust and understanding,” he says. My God, have we so lowered ourselves that even our governors are incompetent teachers! 
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