God, Guns and the Constitution

 Come and listen to this powerful line up of Panelists discuss these important issues with your Hosts

William & Selena Owens

William & Selena Owens have been married for 27 years and have reared 4 children. They are authors of a combined 11 books and have spoken at over 350 Christian and conservative events since 2009. William’s recently revised book, Obama: Why Black Americans should have Doubts and Selena’s work, The Power within a Conservative Woman has stirred the hearts of people to hold to the principles that made America the greatest in the world. Regardless of the outcome of our nation, we must remain faithful to God and speak truth to power. That is the creed the Owens’s live by.

God, Guns and the Constitution is a unique and effective topic that brings each of these dynamics into the forefront through vigorous discussion by Americans from all political viewpoints. The objective is to identify solutions that work based on proven and time tested results, which are backed both history and supported by a biblical framework. Our effectiveness is measured at the voting booth by placing candidates into office who uphold biblical and Constitutional principles.

The Necessity of Virtue brings relevance to the importance of the Christian conservative woman fulfilling her place in society within this challenging time in our nation.


Dan Zimmerie

Zimmerie decided it was time to do what he could do; he put his money where his mouth might make a difference on talk radio to help people understand the importance of looking at life “from a Biblical perspective” to gain true happiness, and also to maintain the freedom Americans cherish.

Jim Sandman,

Jim provides leadership, education and guidance to volunteer chapter leaders (TN, AL, GA,) in accordance with moral and Constitutional principles, which aim toward making a constitutional Congress and restoring our Republic as the Founders intended.

Logan’s Roadhouse

401 S. Mt. Juliet Rd, Suite 130

Mt. Juliet, Tennessee

(615) 773-5505


Other Invited Guests

Senator Mae Beavers , Tennessee General Assembly;

Ken Marreo , Public Speaker, Activist, Blogger (Blue Collar Muse);


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