A Simple, Quick Guide to Responsible Voting


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Do Not Be Deceived

Don’t be mislead by people who tell you we have become divided and need leadership who will bring us together. Since mankind was created, there has always been a division between those who will stand for the truth and those who stand for lies and self-interests. It is usually the liars who will try to manipulate the debate by pleas for unity. Whereas in the past, our nation was mostly united – it was united in a belief in God, our Creator and the understanding that it is from Him our liberties originate. Right now our nation is deeply divided because we have moved away from God and have tried to remove Him from our social fabric. As our faith in God diminishes within society, so do our liberties.

We have to decide:

Do we want to serve man or serve God. If our laws and liberties come from God, we must serve Him. If our laws and liberties come from man, we must serve Big Government.

Choose this day whom you will serve – as for me and my house, we will serve God.

Use this guide, year-in and year-out. These principles will not fail and they will help you vote wisely. Remember this, Psalm 2 tells us the state is constantly at war with God. The only time the state walks in tandem with God is when Godly men are in authority. The state moves to become man’s provider to control his life and take the place of God. According to Romans 13, the purpose of civil authority is to be a terror to evil – not a leveler of incomes or a benefactor to the slothful. Showing compassion by taking from one to give to another is not compassion – it is theft and control. Do not be confused by compassionate sound-bites.

Initiative, Referendums, Resolutions, etc –

Do not depend upon the titles, or the explanations of the authors. Read the text. If the benefit accrues to freedom, vote for it. If the benefit accrues to the bureaucracy by adding more bureaus, fees or taxes; increasing regulatory authority; increasing the ability to raise taxes and fees without a vote of the people; or any such as this, vote against it. If it is “for the children” you know it is expressly evil because it is our children, and their children, who will pay for it.


The Bible tells us in Exodus 18 and elsewhere to vote for men who fear God and are trustworthy. The essence of Godliness is life; therefore, they must be pro-life. If a candidate says he is an economic conservative but a social liberal, he has already deceived himself and he will deceive you, because he must fund the social liberalism and that removes his conservatism altogether. Decades of experience will confirm this. Man cannot fool God and politics cannot happen in a moral or financial vacuum – morality and money go hand-in-hand.

If a candidate professes to be pro-life while remaining squishy on the subject, such as maintaining a list of exceptions, he will be squishy on your freedoms as well – because he fears man more than he fears God. Sometimes a candidate is not available who is pro-life – or it is possible the pro-life candidate is also a fool in all other respects. At this point you are best not to vote at all for that seat rather than vote a lie.

The lesser of two evils is still very evil.

God has been in control before the beginning of time. He is not depending upon your help but He is daily testing your faith and your willingness to obey Him. Vote in faith, pray and allow God to produce His results.

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