The Big Racist Lie

Image result for Big Racist LieDemocrats keep blacks voting Democratic by making blacks think, with the help of the MSM, that blacks need Democrats to survive.

The Big Racist Lie is that Republican policies hurt blacks, and hence Republicans are racists, while Democrat policies help blacks. The reality is just the opposite.

Modern Democrat policies hurt blacks just as historical Democrat policies — such as fighting the Civil War to defend slavery, founding the KKK, and passing all the segregation laws — hurt Blacks. On the other hand, modern Republican policies help blacks just as historical Republican policies — such as ending slavery, passing the 14th Amendment, and integrating the military and public schools — helped Blacks.

Paradoxically, modern Democrat voters aren’t racists in general. Rather they are people who, due to MSM bias, lack facts and who tend to vote based on emotions, not analytical thought — thanks in part to the Democrat corruption of modern public education.

In order to win elections, and black votes, Republicans have to get off the defensive and attack racist Democrat policies.

Here are a few examples of how rich White liberal Democrat policies hurt black Americans.

1) Black Lives Don’t Matter part 1: The leading cause of death for black Americans is abortion. Despite the fact that black women are five times as likely to abort their babies as white women, nearly 80% of Planned Parenthood (PP) abortion mills are in minority neighborhoods, and the founder of PP was a hardcore racist. Democrats still rally around PP. Clearly one could support abortion while working to end the huge disparity between black and white abortion rates, but Democrat politicians seem quite content with the status quo. Democrats such as Geraldine Ferraro have gone on record to say that abortion saves money by reducing the number of people on welfare. Given that blacks are disproportionately on welfare, Democrats are advocating killing blacks to reduce welfare costs.

Republicans oppose the killing of the unborn and are eager to end what Jesse Jackson called “genocide” against black people; namely abortion.


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Source:: American Thinker


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