Blind Racism Is Full of Poop

With idiots on college campuses in constant uproar about racism, this story is freaking hysterical.

After a big protest about racism at Vanderbilt, someone left a bag of dog crap on the front steps of the Black Cultural Center. RACISM!!!

Racist poop!



This Vandy group immediately denounced the poop on the steps as a hate crime. Because evidently poop on the doorstep is now considered a hate crime. (By the way, if poop on the door step is a hate crime, then I deserved the death penalty in middle school. And if you light that poop on fire is that the new burning cross? If so, I’m probably going to get arrested the second I post this story).

The story went viral in an instant because PC bros masturbate to racism these days

Here’s the pearl clutching outrage post that went up yesterday. (It has since been deleted).

“The Hidden Dores team is appalled to announce that our demonstration yesterday was met this morning with a vile act. This morning someone left a bag of feces on the porch of Vanderbilt University’s Black Cultural Center. The center has served as the nexus of many aspects of Black(sic) life on Vanderbilt’s campus since it’s (sic) inception 31 years ago. The violation of a place that in many ways is the sole home for Black(sic) students is deplorable. As many of us sit in grief, recognize that these types of actions are what we speak of when we note the reality of exclusion and isolation of students of color and specifically Black(sic) students on our campus. This act has hurt many and will nto be received lightly. We will not allow for the desecration of the place we call home. As we announced yesterday and reaffirm today, we will not be silent.”

Unfortunately for the race baiters, it turns out it was a blind student whose service dog pooped. No one was around to direct the blind student to trash cans and she did not want to take it inside where she was studying. So she left it outside.

The campus flew into an uproar. Of course, the student turned the tables and claimed that blind students are discriminated against too, so suck it up.

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