Jesus and Christmas

Up until a few years ago, when someone criticized the celebration of Christmas (usually as a pagan holiday), I responded with a defense of what I have long believed was the biblical basis for the holiday.

Yes, I firmly believe Luke 2 is the telling of the events surrounding the birth of Yashua (Jesus’ real name, though scholars don’t all agree on the spelling of the name) the Messiah.

But now, I first ask for the person to clarify the reason for his denunciation of the holiday.  If he is (as is the case with most critics) simply an unbeliever who scoffs at what he regards as a Christian celebration of Jesus’ birth, I would generally defend Christianity, not Christmas itself.

Many Christians become indignant at the sight of (and doubters use with glee) the shorthand greeting “Merry Xmas”, not knowing that the X is not an avoidance of the term Christ, but a literary symbol for the cross.  Still, they demand we “keep Christ in Christmas” when the true meaning of the term didn’t remove Him in the first place.

Before I invite you to read the two documents which explain the origin and history of Christmas, I must preface it with an exhortation.

The Truth About Christmas

The History and Origin of Christmas

Celebrating Christmas is not a substitute for a relationship with Jesus, but can subconsciously be used as one.

The best way I can summarize my view on Christmas without compromising my faith is to quote my all-time favorite Christmas card message…:

“He came to pay a debt He did not owe,

for those who owe a debt they cannot pay.” – author unknown

In Christ,


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