it’s Christmas time

I woke up early one morning about five or six years ago when we up here in Indiana visiting, staying in the house Joey grew up in.  It was early-fall and the leaves were just starting to change colors and the weather was turning colder.  For some reason, I began to think about all the Christmas’s that Joey and her brother and sisters must’ve spent in that old farmhouse…

Soon after, I found myself sitting on the front-porch steps with a guitar and a pen in my hands.  By the time Joey came outside an hour or so later, cradling a cup of coffee… the song was finished.  I handed her the paper with my scribbled lyrics and a few minutes later, she was singing them back to me – just the way I had imagined it… from her perspective, with her beautiful voice telling the story.

By late October, a ornament-covered tree was up in the living room and our farmhouse back in Tennessee was all decorated for Christmas (a full two-months early) and we were making a music video for the song.

I came across that video the other day.  It took me right back to that moment in time…  we both seemed so young.  Joey’s first dog Rufus was still with us, and we were a few years and a million miles from the joy and the pain of today.

It’s Christmas Time – Joey+Rory from Hickory Films on Vimeo.

We made a full “Farmhouse Christmas” album and DVD not long after that, filled with a number of songs that we’d written and some even better ones that we found. It’s one of my favorite records that Joey and I’ve made.

My wife knows I love Christmas. I always have. It’s something she learned early on in our marriage about me. Our older girls Heidi and Hopie are the same way. There’s a magic that’s in the air that isn’t there any other time of the year.

Christmas does what no amount of New Years resolutions or self-help books can do… it changes people. It brings out the very best in us, and in others.

A few evenings ago, we were all together here spending time with Joey and someone suggested that we should order pizza for dinner… again. So, I called in the order to Pizza King, the local pizza place here in Alexandria, and 20 minutes later walked in to pick up our order. When I got to the counter, once again – no matter how much I pleaded – they wouldn’t let me pay for my pizza (everyone there is so nice). But this time, the girl at the counter said the owner had left a few Christmas gifts for Indiana and she handed me a big bag.

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