Mexico imprisons U.S. Marine

PLEASE look below and sign the petition in behalf of the young Marine who is jailed in Mexico unjustly. Lets get him home in time for Christmas. IF Mexico refuses to release him, then lets ask our Reps. & Senators in Washington to hold up the financial aid that goes to Mexico. Even if you don’t donate to this cause, and who among us can donate to all the good causes we see to which we may wish to donate, PLEASE sign the petition anyway.

Thanks So Much,



You and I are getting a stone-cold look at the harsh reality of exactly what the gun-grabbers’ grand designs for you and me looks like.

Another “gun free zone” tragedy, where a madman — knowing he’d face no armed opposition — tragically and sadistically took the lives of 20 children and six adults and brought every American citizen to tears in the process.

For weeks, if not months, the gun-grabbers and their pals in the national media will focus on this story — conveniently ignoring some basic facts that don’t fit their narrative — to ratchet up anti-gun hysteria.

While they’re at it, they’ll continue ignoring another story . . . And without your action today, I’m afraid a Marine Corps veteran will end up paying the price.

You see, in Mexico, Marine and Iraq War Vet Jon Hammer, Jr. has been held in jail, had his life threatened and has even been chained to a steel bed — since August.

His crime?

On his way down to Costa Rica for some relaxation and surfing with a friend to help forget the horrors of war, he followed U.S. Border Agents’ orders and assurances that his gun was legal, and declared he had an antique shotgun to Mexican border agents.

He was wrongly charged with a felony that could result in a 15-year prison term and thrown in one of Mexico’s most notorious and violent prisons.

In this prison, two American brothers were found stabbed in their cells in 2005 and prison guards were charged with helping 151 gang-connected inmates escape in 2010.

But the U.S. State Department will hardly lift a finger to save this military vet.

That’s why it’s critical you sign the petition I’ve made up for you IMMEDIATELY demanding Secretary of State Hillary Clinton does whatever it takes to ensure Jon Hammar’s immediate release.

The truth is, I think it’s outrageous I even have to write you this email. Shouldn’t the State Department be acting already?

Well, according to Jon Hammer’s parents, they have acted . . . sort of.

State Department officials called and asked — not for Mr. Hammar’s release — but if he could please not be chained to a bed while there!  Now, thugs are trying to extort money from Mr. Hammar’s parents . . . but still the Obama Administration still does NOTHING.

This Administration’s hatred for Second Amendment supporters knows literally no bounds.

In 2009 — even as the Obama Administration was busy funneling guns to bloodthirsty drug runners just to build up an excuse for more gun control — Secretary of State Clinton was blaming American gun laws for Mexico’s rising drug violence!

It’s no secret the gun-grabbers wish our gun laws were more like Mexico’s!

So more law-abiding citizens can be thrown in jail. So more innocents — with no ability to defend themselves — can be slaughtered at will in ever-spreading “gun free zones.” The gun-grabbers never stop to think that maybe disarming the good guys isn’t the solution.  Maybe it’s the criminals. Maybe it’s the madmen. Maybe it’s the armed thugs. Maybe watching the cops arrive 30 minutes after everything and everyone precious to you has been ripped away isn’t paradise. It’s not. It’s an unspeakable tragedy. And it’s a tragedy that will only come to an end when Second Amendment supporters like you and me stand up to the gun-grabbers, plainly show that their statist policies are to blame, and DEFEAT them.

That’s why I’m counting on your IMMEDIATE action.

You see, it’s no secret Hillary Clinton wants to run for President again.

And she knows she can’t afford to face voters after doing nothing to save Jon Hammar. So that gives you and me an opening.

I’m alerting NAGR members from all over the country to sign this petition.

I believe if you and I can flood her office with petitions, she’ll have no choice to do whatever it takes to see Jon Hammar freed. I’m counting on you to help.

Please sign your petition IMMEDIATELY.

And if you can, please chip in $10 or $20 to help in this critical fight and enable me to alert even more Second Amendment supporters from all over the country.
Please act at once!

For Freedom,  Dudley Brown Executive Vice President

P.S. The gun laws the gun-grabbers wish our country had are on full display right now in Mexico.

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