Evangelism: The Fleecing of the Flock

preacherI consider myself more than fortunate to have come to the Lord under the guidance of a real old time evangelist who didn’t pass a collection plate at any of his services.  He was there to PREACH THE WORD OF GOD – to Lay Hands on those who were ready to receive healing from God.   It makes my heart sick to see those who use God to enrich themselves.  They are not *Going forth and preaching the Word of God* – they are preaching the word of $$$  –  for themselves.  Mind you I am not overlooking the scriptures about Tithing but I think that is totally separate from the Money Grubbers who put on the SUIT/CLOAK of being Preachers.  It costs nothing to open your Bible and read God’s Word and to Pray for guidance from God…  other than your time and an open heart to God.  This world would be a much different place if people gave as much time to reading God’s Word as they do to all the entertainment venues they give time to each week.  Think of how much and how many people could be helped, one on one, if the money spent on entertainment were spent on giving food, housing, clothing
to those who are TRULY in need (as opposed to those who are too lazy to help themselves).  I avoid those preachers and *churches* that put MONEY before God’s Word.

“You can show God – how much you love him – by digging down DEEEEP – so that THIS ministry – will reach all of the people of the Earth – because the Bible tells us – “show GOD you love Him – and He will show you the way.” – Reverend Willie Williams

~ Synopsis ~

The Radio/TV Evangelists are a threat to the peace and security of our very survival. The entreaties of a Benn Hinn to send your tithe and he will heal you magically is powerful medicine to the old and infirm. The television preacher never tunes his message to the young. The wealth of the world lies in the hands of the old, the weary and the infirm. Christian/Gospel radio and the powerful voice of Christian television controlled by Jan and Paul Crouch are aphrodisiacs, which draw the faithful like catnip to the cat.

Evangelism has become the modern equivalent of penicillin or the sulfa drugs. The Southern Baptist culture is saturated with the voice of the preacher who has the message to end all suffering and solve all problems. The Pentecostal church not to be outdone is becoming more vociferous weekly as new and ambitious young are finding the magic path to riches by spreading the mighty word of God to the weary and infirm. The Gospel Church has become the flavor of the month as the adept pastors/preachers have become the CEOs of some of the most powerful cabals the world has ever known. The tithe has become the modern game to replace the old numbers racket of the gangster and Mafia Dons. Send your money and they will send you the prayer rug, a piece of cheap paper colored the red of blood, on which to place your tears and return to the preacher.. In this new book, we document the location of dumpsters out behind the church headquarters where literally tons of prayer rugs are dumped monthly to be collected along with the garbage. That’s what they amount to and that is all the effect they will ever have. They will continue to fill up the landfills.

The story of the motel room hired to just store the remains of dumpster diving researchers will astound you. The internet has only enhanced the speed and ease of communication. The tithe can now be made by Pay Pal or other electronic means. This is so efficient that it allows the Evangelist to streamline the operation. Instead of needing a roomful of envelope openers now one keyboard operator can process the millions of dollars with a keyboard. The old time Evangelists are disappearing as Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson and John Hagee disappear into the mists of time. Oral Roberts no longer has to weep and beg on Television for the millions he so desperately needs to save his empire. Jimmy Swaggart no longer roams the highways renting the cheap motel room for his tawdry affairs. He made a full public confession, when his indiscretions were exposed and his $150 million per year ministry threatened. He said “I have sinned against you, my Lord, and I would ask that your precious blood would wash and cleanse every stain until it is in your seas of God’s forgetfulness.”. It may be in God’s sea of forgetfulness now, but I do not forgive nor forget that easily. He is still in the pulpit on Television with his relatives spewing that garbage to a willing public. Jim and Tammy Baaker lost their Heritage USA town, for the gullible tithers who paid their life savings for a free ride on the gravy train in their declining years. Jim ended up in prison for his mis-deeds.

This book will open your eyes and make your evaluate your beliefs if you will just give it a chance. The problems is that the Gospel message, the Church Revival and the constant exhortations of the Christian broadcasting channels weave a magic spell and the people most desperate are clutching at any straw to survive. The question is, what will it take to make common, ordinary, honest and trustworthy people come to their senses and shut off this flood of wealth that is pouring into the coffers of the Evangelistic zealots? How do we impart the message that they are being used and abused by the con artists, pretending to be messengers from God?

Evangelism is the flavor of the month and it is non-discriminating. It sucks in the wealthy as well as the poor. It attracts the healthy as well as the infirm. It is non-denominational and non-racial in its bias. If you have a dollar, they will gratefully accept it and pray for you diligently until the check clears the bank. So the disciples pass the plate at the massive rallies, which are filling football stadiums. The practice of Bible Study to learn about evangelism is becoming the new Tupperware party.

You owe it to yourself to read this book and learn what is being done in the name of your God. Why do we allow the few to prey on the many and turn our eye and pretend it is not happening? The modern world of Television Evangelism is not the answer, never was and never will be. Believe if you must but know what you are spending your hard earned dollars on! The fleecing of the flock is a shell game and only the manipulator ever wins.

ISBN: 9781620300022

2nd Publish Date: November 2012

Page Count: 238

Book Size: 6 x 9

Binding: Perfect Bound (Soft Cover)

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