A Reprint – The Cost of Illegals

A Reprint of an article from 3years ago…. a reminder of loss.

The following focuses on Texas and the ILLEGALS in Texas colleges – roughly 1% of the students.

Multiply this by 50 ( or 57 if you are an Obamanite) and get an idea of the COST of ILLEGALS just in the State Colleges.

Now add to that the number in the K-12 programs. Mind you, this is only the effect of ILLEGALS in the public indoctrination centers – all bills being paid for by LEGAL TAX PAYING AMERICANS (the taxes paid by ILLEGALS is so small that it wouldn’t cover the free food they get in school).

Consider the buildings needed for these ILLEGALS (increased enrollment numbers), Administrators, teachers, aides, office staffing, janitorial, security, (don’t forget the payroll benefits of insurance, etc. ) then the utilities (water, power) , furniture, computers, books, supplies, and soon you are talking REAL MONEY. After you add up the COSTS related to allowing ILLEGALS to be in our indoctrination centers.

Let that figure cause you to faint or puke, go on to the other areas they affect in America.

Every ILLEGAL creates the LOSS of: Jobs for Legal Americans, Housing for LEGAL Americans Medical and Health care (look at the waiting rooms at the ER) Loss of Property taxes, License fees to pay for roads, education, misc. Loss of property values due to the slum atmosphere they create in an area they live in. INCREASE in need for Law Enforcement and facilities to hold the ILLEGALS caught in criminal activity. Loss of life for those who are the VICTIM of ILLEGALS and their *culture* of murder, rape, robbery. Loss of Real Property when a Legal American is the victim of ILLEGALS and their criminal acts. INCREASE in all types of Insurance to pay for those ILLEGALS who don’t bother to have insurance. There’s always the problems of not enough WATER, ELECTRICAL POWER, GAS, FOOD, for the population here now.

If all ILLEGALS were removed and sent back to their native land the shortages of everything (except slave labor and teat sucking) would be greatly reduced and I contend there would not be *shortages* due to ILLEGALS using what isn’t theirs to use to begin with. If the ILLEGALS want all the things they TAKE here in America then they should go home and WORK to supply those things in their native land — not come here and DEGRADE our American way of life and steal the things that Americans worked hard to create for their families.

If the Employers who like to hire that cheap labor want that for employees – then they can go to the land if the ILLEGALS and set up shop there and hire all they want. So, when you hear of all the **good** things that ILLEGALS ‘add’ to the American lifestyle – ask the one saying it what the REAL COST of ILLEGALS is?

Ask the questions I have raised above.

No one wants to think of the amount of Water, electricity, gasoline, natural gas, food, infrastructure, medical, judicial, and all the other things the ILLEGALS CONSUME – far beyond anything they contribute. How much water does one person consume or cause to be consumed in a day?

Multiply that by the estimated number of ILLEGALS in America – I estimate it to be at least 50 million (Anchors count as ILLEGALS in my book). We have long had LEGAL ways to enter America but these Sneak Thieves ignore the LEGAL Avenue and prefer the Criminal underground and that is what they bring to America – a CRIMINAL CULTURE.


“Then there’s politics. Just imagine politics with its dumbbell element subtracted. There would be no Republican candidates. There would be no Democratic voters. The whole system would collapse.”

P.J. O’Rourke

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