(Authors note: While I remain unconvinced that Donald Trump has a firm grasp on the importance of our Declaration of Independence, our Constitution as ratified, our Bill of Rights and their proper application, I applaud how his campaign continues to expose the underbelly of the beast for all to see. What I fear is this: if their personal and professional attacks do not accomplish the needed results, Trump will be more and more seen as a liability that must be eliminated by other means.) 

A great many Americans continue to be drawn to the battle for the nomination for president in the Republican Party. That Hillary will be the nominee from the left is virtually assured, even if she is indicted in the meantime which is highly unlikely considering the track record of the FBI and DOJ when it comes to dealing with the Clinton crime family. Any entity who lends support to a person like Sanders who is not not only an avowed Socialist, but a Communist sympathizer as well, would gladly support a person under indictment. Remember it was Lenin who told us the goal of Socialism is Communism.

But, could it be that elements within the Republican Party hierarchy and leadership that would rather have Hillary than Trump (Kristol, Kagan, Boot, and the entire Neocon establishment) might revive the old campaign bumper sticker  of ex-con and former Democrat Governor of Louisiana, Edwin Edwards? (Vote for the Crook. It’s important)

Is it possible the political heavyweights in both parties and their sycophants in the media oppose Donald Trump because he has refused to accept money from the very sources that have owned our government for decades?  Take a look: Goldman Sachs was the largest contributor to both Obama and Romney in 2012; Hillary accepted speaking engagements at Goldman Sachs for something over 200K per hour; Ted Cruz not only took hefty sweetheart loans from Goldman Sachs when running for Senate in Texas, which he conveniently left off his required personal financial disclosure form (just a clerical error I’m sure) but within 10 days of being elected, Cruz’s wife received a healthy raise from her employer—wait for it—Goldman Sachs.

We shall get into Heidi Cruz’s role in creating a North American Union which would dissolve our country’s sovereignty, and her work with the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) in a later piece.

In the interest of fair play, let’s not leave out the boy wonder from Florida, Marco Rubio and his financial backer Sheldon Adelson. Now, what should we know about Adelson other than he is a billionaire; owns a newspaper in Vegas and the people of Israel perform like “a trained seal” when he visits? (Source: Uri Avnery)

Is it not alarming that Sheldon Adelson “summons” potential presidential candidates (GOP) to his feet for consultation? Let a regular Joe who actually works for a living “summon” a potential candidate to his home for consultation and see how that works. Does this not tell us who “owns” our government apparatus? And will the candidate, if elected, make decisions on government based on our Constitution and Bill of Rights or the man/bank who gave them millions?

Uri Avnery, a former member of Israel’s Knesset (Parliament) and the Israeli Defense Force, (IDF) said this about Adelson and his power over US politicians:

“It was a shameless exhibition. The politicians groveled before the casino lord. Flanked by Israeli Bodyguards, Adelson grilled the American hopefuls. And what was he demanding from the future President of the United States? First of all, and above everything else, blind and unconditional obedience to the government of another state: Israel!...A billionaire does not donate a fortune to a presidential candidate for nothing.” (emphasis mine)

Even the New Yorker magazine recognized the power of Adelson and his money, especially within the GOP, when it ran an article titled Sheldon Adelson is set to buy the Presidency.”

Recently, in writing an article titled “Waking to an Insane World” I wrote of the hypocrisy so prevalent in today’s news. What I failed to mention in my Rant was the attack on Trump concerning the alleged endorsement of David Duke. Now, everyone and his mistress wanted to force Trump to back away from this alleged endorsement (Duke himself denies endorsing Trump) but what really struck me was how no one seemed to mention how the Democrats loved their own personal KKK member. Of course this is none other than the man who once sat third in the line of presidential succession: Robert Byrd, Senator from the state of West Virginia. (You know the state Lincoln violated the Constitution [Article IV Sec. III] to create back in 1864 in order to gain more electoral votes) Ah! The Party of Lincoln—the majesty of it all!

See, being a former member of a “White Supremacist” group (as opposed to a Black Supremacist group like Black Lives Matter) requires no apology or renunciation (you might even get a kiss from Hillary) providing you become a member of the US Senate and support all Marxist Socialist programs and the Zionist funded and created NAACP and other associated racist groups! If you question the previous sentence, I suggest you read Dr. Hasia Diner, a professor of Jewish History at NYU and her Doctoral Thesis, written in 1975:

“Jewish support for black causes was a way for Jews to broaden their own rights without becoming conspicuous by advocating their group interests… Jewish leaders, representing different socio-economic classes, ideologies and cultural experiences, committed themselves to black betterment and gave time money and energy to black organizations. The spectrum was so wide and the involvement so extensive that one must conclude that these leaders acted out of peculiarly Jewish motives…Jewish ends were secured by involvement with blacks.”  (pg xiv xii) (emphasis added)

Believe me, the message from the Zionist to the blacks is: the only way to promote your own race must involve the annihilation of the founding culture of this country: the culture of the White European. Untold millions of dollars have been devoted to this paradigm. “Hence, perhaps three-quarters of the funding for the three major civil rights organizations—The Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee, The Congress of Racial Equality and Martin Luther King’s Southern Christian Leadership Conference is attributed to Jewish sponsorship.” (Martin p 132)

We can see the Jewish bottom line being secured in the city of Chicago today. Chicago claims as its children both Obama and Hillary Clinton and currently has as its mayor one Rahm Emanuel, a man who holds dual citizenship with Israel and the US. Rahm currently presides over the largest act of genocide of young black youths in over 20 years in Chicago. A person (predominantly black) is shot every 3 hours and one is murdered ever 14 hours so far this year in the city of Chicago, and its not warm weather yet! Of course we don’t know how many of the guns used in this genocide came courtesy of former Attorney General Eric Holder’sFast and Furious program because the Republicans involved in pursuing the truth of this matter folded like a three dollar tent. Perhaps one of them will be rewarded with a nomination to the Supreme Court!

Please don’t forget the importance to these people of unrestricted immigration. The best way to destroy the founding culture of this country is to water it down with others until the voice of that culture can no longer be heard. Cruz said he opposed amnesty, but that is just another lie. If you have doubts check out his proposed amendment to Obama’s “open borders, come on in program.” It would have allowed the 30 plus million illegals nesting in this country to “come out of the shadows,” eventually become citizens and destroy the heritage of Jefferson, Monroe, Henry, Lee and Jackson.

Hopefully, some of this will help my readers better understand the hell hole that is our American government. Every branch of this government and our media are owned by billionaires, many of whom owe their allegiance to another country and have as their goal domination of the entire world. These people owe no allegiance to this country, its organic documents, or to the people.

Almost all of our current political candidates are owned and controlled by these people. They own the financial institutions, (Goldman Sachs) the media, (Time Warner, Disney and Viacom) and all three branches of our government. They obviously own all of the candidates for president, with the current exception of Donald Trump. That is why we are about to witness an all out attack on Trump by every conceivable source that can be bought or held hostage to money. If all else fails, Trump will meet with an untimely demise. One person will not be allowed to stand between these people and their quest for a “new world order.”

If Trump does not succeed in his quest, make sure you stock up on plenty of political signs and bumper stickers which read: “Vote For The Crook. It’s Important” for the only thing left to vote for will be crooks and criminals.


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