Quote for Today

“I am convinced that those who will take action have been doing so and the rest – well, the rest will do as they have been doing, pushing their heads further down to ensure they DO NOT SEE OR HEAR what is happening in front of them. Sort of like those folks who are always sick and tell you about it while eating the very foods that are killing them. They take their “power walks” to the frig and they ‘power lift’ by grabbing a Big Mac at the Drive Thru and they drink it down with some poison filled soft drink. You can tell them till the sun rises in the west and sets in the east and they will shake their heads in agreement while doing the exact opposite. It is their form of assisted suicide and no one is going to prevent them from killing themselves, they just like to have us help them so they can continue to NOT take personal responsibility for what they do.

They are also the people who return corrupt politicians to office.”

Jackie Juntti

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