Religion headlines from Friday worth 5 minutes of your Saturday

By Scott Lamb /  Washington Times

(1) “Goodnight John Boy”Earl Hamner Jr., “The Waltons” creator, dies at 92

(2) Gov. Pence signs new abortion restrictions into law (Indy Star)

The measure, House Enrolled Act 1337, would make Indiana only the second state to prohibit a woman from seeking an abortion because her fetus was diagnosed with a disability such as Down syndrome. It also would prohibit abortions when they are sought based on the gender or race of a fetus, and would require the remains of miscarried or aborted fetuses to be interred or cremated.

(3) British artist announces she has married a rock (Telegraph)

Emin, who this week opens a new exhibition in China, said she has married a large ancient stone in France, wearing her father’s white funeral shroud.

‘It’s in my garden, it’s very nice and impressive. I like it a lot’

She told The Art Newspaper: “It just means that at the moment I am not alone; somewhere on a hill facing the sea, there is a very beautiful ancient stone, and it’s not going anywhere.

“It will be there, waiting for me.”

***I can see it now. She’ll divorce it in a few years, claiming irreconcilable differences: “It’s like talking to a rock.” Will they name their child “Pebbles” or “Rocky”?

(4) United Church of Christ will decline 80% over next 30 years (Juicy Ecumenism)

(5) Glenn Beck: ‘No real Christian’ should support Trump (TheHill)

***Beck’s ironic humor, theologically speaking, on display. 

(6) Blasphemy cases rise in Egypt and Christians bear the brunt (AP)

The verdict last month points to an irony in Egypt. Two years ago, the military ousted the Muslim Brotherhood from power, and since then the government has been waging a harsh crackdown on Islamists.

Yet in the past three years, prosecutions on charges of insulting Islam have risen dramatically. From three such cases in 2011, there were 21 cases in the courts in 2015, around half targeting Christians, according to Ishaq Ibrahim, a researcher with the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights.

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