When The Gov’t Plays Robin Hood, It Steals Christmas Bonuses, New Equipment, And Jobs

By Charlie Daniels

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I find it practically impossible to believe that the majority of this nation can’t see the incredibly dark future that is hanging over this country, the austere and strictly regulated lives we are passing on to our children and grandchildren for generations to come.

When I write something like this on my Twitter account, I usually get a tweet or two that tells me just how dumb I am, and that the moves Barack Obama is making are for the benefit of the little man, and that all I care about is rich people and the tweet is usually salted generously with four letter words.

Well let me make a couple of statements. I come from a blue collar background; I have worked in the log woods, bright leaf tobacco fields and a factory, all for minimum wages.

I have worked at something since the summer I was 10 years old. I have never drawn an unemployment check and the only government assistance I’ve ever had is a social security, which is not assistance at all but money I have paid in and am still paying in.

Everything I have ever accumulated is by the blessings of the God I serve and the sweat of my brow, not to mention sacrifice and the kind of tenacity you have to reach real deep for.

I have employed 30 people for over 30 years, tax-paying citizens who don’t collect food stamps or draw an entitlement check.

I believe in treating my employees the best I can, and many of them have been with me for over 30 years.

Now let me ask you a question: who deserves the fruits of their labor, the employees themselves or the federal government?

If your answer is the federal government, then you are a lost cause and may as well stop reading right here.

When you hear President Obama talking about, “paying their fair share” or taxing the rich,” don’t think Warren Buffet and Bill Gates; think small business.

The president is talking about raising the taxes of everybody making over $250,000 per year. There is hardly a small business in this country that doesn’t take in at least that much money in a year’s time, so what he’s really saying, all his talk about being for the middle class notwithstanding, is the middle class will be the ones to suffer the most.

Let me tell you why. When the federal government takes money from me, they are actually taking it directly out of the American economy because that’s the money I use to give my employees their Christmas bonuses, buy new equipment, upgrade farm implements or buy a new bus or truck, money that goes directly into the pockets of my employees or the economy.

I am just one of the millions of small business men who will be affected by Obama’s “tax the rich” policies and many of them will be forced out of business, causing a another loss of jobs and more strain on the federal budget which will burst open like a ripe watermelon in the near future.

The insurance I provide for my employees goes up thousands of dollars every year, and with the uncertainty of Obamacare and what it actually contains and the irresponsibility of the spend-crazy government, businesses have put future plans on hold, not hiring and not investing their cash reserves.

Now to President Obama. If he was some poor man who came from the cotton fields of Mississippi or the streets of the South Bronx who had come up through the ranks, struggled to get a college education and spent many years living in meager circumstances, had experience with having to scrape to make the rent and buy groceries or sweated out keeping a fledgling business afloat, I could maybe sympathize with his desire to play Robin Hood.

I still wouldn’t agree with it, but I could at least come closer to understanding him.

But, Barack Obama went to the finest universities in the country and has belonged to the elite class practically all his adult life. Barack Obama is a rich man who already has his fortune made and doesn’t have to be concerned with trying to make it in the kind of business climate his policies will create.

So, when he talks about raising taxes, it’s not going to affect his nest egg or, for that matter, the fortunes of the congressmen who will help him put it in place. They’ve all got their golden parachutes and AAA healthcare for the rest of their lives. They can pontificate from their ivory towers and look down at all the worker bees sweating it out and trying to make ends meet.

You may disagree with what I’m saying, you may think that Obama’s taxing policies will produce prosperity and dig us out of our fiscal hole, but with all due respect, down deep, if you’ll be honest with yourself, you know it won’t.

One day soon, America will run completely out of money. We won’t be able to borrow any more, our dollar will no longer be accepted as the world standard and we will have to buy some foreign currency with devalued dollars to pay for oil and other imports, inflation will run wild.

And, the entitlement checks will immediately cease.

What is going to happen when 46 million Americans suddenly stop receiving food stamps, when Medicare is no longer honored by doctors and hospitals? When drug addicts on the government dole no longer have the means to get their fix?

The streets of America will erupt, making the Rodney King riots look like Sunday school outings.

Tempers in this nation are just below the boiling point right now. Just look at what’s been happening in Detroit with the union demonstrations. It’s a powder keg and it won’t take much of a spark to set it off.

Whether you agree with me or not, at least listen to one thing I say: please don’t be naive and put your total trust in any one man, political party, ideology or policy – because, if you do, you will be bitterly disappointed.

Don’t get your head stuck in the sand.

What do you think?

Pray for our troops and the peace of Jerusalem.

God Bless America

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