Tennesseans Looking for a Change

Tennessee based group is testing the waters for a change in Tennessee politics….

Nashville Tea Party

Updated Information: We have over 2,000 signatures but we need 5,000. Please sign and then pass the web address on to Friends and Family. Thank YOU!
PLEASE Sign the Petition: Tennessee Deserves a Conservative Alternative to Lamar Alexander

Just Click HERE: ChangeTN.com
PLEASE share this web address, ChangeTN.com and ask your friends and family to sign also. It is absolutely essential that we show support for the idea of a conservative alternative to Lamar Alexander. The more support we show, the more likely someone who can raise money and has statewide name recognition will step forward. If you have trouble with the link or simply want to handle this by email just REPLY to this email with the Names, email addresses and ZIP codes of those who would like to sign. Thank YOU!
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