He Calls Them All By Name…. Dedicated to Dan

“He calls them all by their names.”Psalm 147:2-6

Okay, I am talking about the stars here and at my last count we had something close to 80 sextillion stars that we know of – so far. That’s ten times the number of grains of sand on all the beaches and deserts on the planet, just to give you some perspective. It’s one thing to know, for example, that you have a herd of cattle numbering 5,000, but to be able to name them, recognize and remember them by name is beyond the scope of reason for us. Yet God not only knows how many stars there are, but has actually given them all names.

Keep thinking about this for a moment. How many words are in your vocabulary? 5,000? 10,000? 100,000? The vastness of the scope of this defies comprehension. Yet God is unphased. 80 sextillion names and He remembers them all! I suspect He is still making stars just to keep things interesting up there!

O.K., so we’re not God. We can’t do that. But we can emulate Him, so what do we learn about God and His ways from this? The first thing I learn is how immensely creative He is, that He never stops creating. Injecting life and freshness into the life process keeps things moving.

It has been said that the minute we stop creating, we start drifting, resting as it were on our laurels. We become a pool of water with no outlet – Stagnant.

Keep your life interesting. Show your love of life to friends and family. Be creative in your life, in your yard, in your home, at work. Read… Read… Read…. Think …. Think… Think…. Reason.

Life and living life are synonymous with God and his creations.

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