Slowly but surely, my past Calls to Action have helped to “persuade” 27 Members of Congress to send Congressional Inquiries either to the IRS, or to the Treasury’s Inspector General, or to Justice Department Attorneys. Their inquiries have expressed the concerns of their constituents that the IRS has failed to enforce the U.S.Tax Code against the HSUS because the HSUS has ignored
the prohibitions placed on public charities not to engage in excessive lobbying and not to engage in prohibited campaign activities such as opposing or endorsing candidates for election. While tax-exempt organizations are permitted to engage in a limited amount of lobbying, there is a threshold that has been far, far exceeded by the HSUS.

Several of those 27 Members of Congress are now concerned about the lack of “timeliness” on the part of the IRS because the IRS told them as far back as three years ago that its “ongoing examination program” of the activities of all tax-exempt, public charities would consider such things as the 3,000+ pages of documents that I have submitted to the IRS – – these documents incriminate the HSUS! That is why a few Members of Congress are beginning to be receptive to the idea that a Congressional Oversight Hearing should occur. And that is why I believe that the timing is right for a major
push that would generate Tens of Thousands of E-Mails from all over the U.S. to the 535 Members of Congress that would urge them to support a Congressional Oversight Hearing.

I would appreciate if you would consider helping to get the word out in the effort to cumulatively generate a Tsunami-Like Wave of E-Mails to 535 Members of Congress.

Have a Great Weekend!

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