Say It Now! This one is for John

For John

Greet Priscilla and Aquila, . . . to whom . . . I give thanks.Romans 16:3-4

An unknown author has penned these thought-provoking words:

I would rather have one little rose
From the garden of a friend
Than to have the choicest flowers
When my stay on earth must end.
I would rather have a pleasant word
In kindness said to me
Than flattery when my heart is still,
And life has ceased to be.

I would rather have a loving smile
From friends I know are true
Than tears shed ’round my casket
When to this world I bid adieu.

Bring me all your flowers today,
Whether pink, or white, or red;
I’d rather have one blossom now
Than a truckload when I’m dead.

Recalling the good qualities of our deceased friends or relatives at their funeral is appropriate, but how much better to give sincere praise to them while they are still living. For John, the ultimate up, it may not be needed. For others, it may be the encouragement they desperately need.

As the apostle Paul closed his letter to the Romans, he publicly commended those who had helped and encouraged him in the work of the gospel. He not only greeted them by name, but he also expressed his gratitude for what they had done (16:1-15). What an example for all of us to follow!

Do you owe someone a word of thanks or appreciation? Don’t put it off. Say it today. Tomorrow may be too late!

You can’t speak a kind word too soon, for you never know how soon it will be too late.

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